Planned Parenthood

One of the main donors of AME Guatemala is Planned Parenthood Federation of America, through its international program, better known as Planned Parenthood Global (PPG), which has as a strategy to "discover" and promote the expansion of organizations that support sexual and reproductive rights, helping them expand the provision of reproductive health services, boost their financial stability and create leadership for advocacy within the same theme.  


INROADS (International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma) is a worldwide network of promoters, specialists, health professionals and donors interested in the design of programs, research and advocacy activities to eliminate stigma in relation to abortion and its negative consequences. Since 2015 INROADS supports the work of AME Guatemala, through awareness and training processes in the juridical community in Guatemala.  

Amplify Change

AmplifyChange has a fund whose objective is to empower young people, women and men, to realize their sexual and reproductive rights.  

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