• Promote projects, programs and activities that lead to the development and realization of the Principle of Equality established in article 4 of the Political Constitution of the Republic.

  • Define and conduct actions aimed at achieving economic, political, legal and social equity between men and women.

  • Promote actions to achieve compliance with national and international laws and regulations in favor of women and promote legal reforms in this regard.

  • Support the Civic-Political formation and training of leaders as well as candidates for elected positions.

  • Promote educational actions tending to modify mentalities, behaviors, judgments and discriminatory stereotypes of a sexist or racist nature.

  • Develop research, educational and formation programs and provide professional and technical advice to promote gender equity, establishing a documentation center and an information service in the manner determined by the Board of Directors.

  • Identify, manage and raise funds and financial, material, technical and human resources, both national and international, destined to execute the programs and projects developed by the association, within the framework of its purpose and goals.

  • Contribute to the coordination and cooperation between private, national and international institutions that pursue similar objectives to the association and establish forms of collaboration with institutions of the governmental sector.​

  • Support, encourage and execute all those activities that are compatible with the object and purposes indicated.

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Asociación Movimiento por la Equidad en Guatemala




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