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Asociación Movimiento por la Equidad (AME Guatemala), was created on February 27, 2009 in Guatemala City, through the initiative of its general director and with the collaboration and enthusiasm of fifteen associates among which are: doctors, lawyers , businesswomen and  academics of various ethnicities. However, seeing the increase in demand for gender training in the interior of the country, it expanded its horizons, initially in the department of Escuintla, and subsequently, was strategically established in the northwestern part of the country, specifically in Huehuetenango.


Currently, it is a non-governmental, non-profit organization composed of Guatemalan women of different professions, ages and ethnicities, moved by their specific calling for the advancement of women, especially those who suffer the most discrimination: indigenous adolescents and women from rural area. As for the team that makes up Ame Guatemala, it is multidisciplinary and has vast experience in gender and feminism studies. They also have the collaboration and advice of Latin American academics of the highest level. It also has the support of specialized documentation centers in Guatemala.

Achieve the advancement of Guatemalan women, their economic, political, legal and social development and respect for their human rights.


AME Guatemala's mission is to promote progress of Guatemalan and Central American women, more specifically in their political, legal, social and economic development, by strengthening the application of their human rights and equity between women and men.



AME Guatemala's vision is to be the leading advocacy organization that generates and promotes political, legal, social and economic structural changes in favor of the human rights of women, and the achievement of equity in Guatemalan and Latin American society.

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AME Guatemala

Asociación Movimiento por la Equidad en Guatemala




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